Fold the Flock

The Passenger Pigeon Origami Project
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What is Fold the Flock?

About the Project

2014 marked the centennial anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. To help remember the Passenger Pigeon, we are folding origami pigeons to symbolically recreate the great flocks of 100 years ago. We have designed an origami pattern for the Passenger Pigeon that is available in printed and downloadable formats.


How to Participate

Participants can download and fold origami Passenger Pigeons here.


Behind the Project

Fold the Flock is an initiative of The Lost Bird Project, an arts-based environmental non-profit that connects people more deeply with the earth through art. We believe that art can touch each of us in a way that ideas and intellect alone cannot. It is our hope that Fold the Flock will encourage further projects and increase sensitivity to the plight of endangered species.

Lost Bird Project